"I love this kind of work because it connects body, heart and soul. When I dive into a massage I enter a trance, a flow, that lets me engage entirely with my opposite. Without thinking about the next step within the massage my body and hands react and are lead by whatever reveals itself between the two bodies."

Sensuality and touch for Marion is the aspect of life that she feels most familiar with. She loves the feeling of adventure when she entirely engages with another human being. Together with the guest she dives into the ocean of warmth and touch in order to explore different levels, moods and qualities of being, lead by an inner compass that gives her security. The guest can be sure about her companionship during this journey into the unknown and can allow themselves to lose their orientation and fully surrender to the moment.
Sensuality and eroticism play a central role in her every day life. She discovered the Tantra massage through the question why certain body parts get left out in normal massages, wondering why shouldn't they be also be honoured.


  • Psychological Propaedeutic, Promente academy, Vienna 2008-2010 (part of a psychotherapeutic apprenticeship in Austria)
  • Apprenticeship to a Couple-Adviser, Dr. Schmutzer, Institute for Lebensgestaltung, Vienna 2010
  • Tantra Massage-apprenticeship at Anandawave Michaela Riedl, Cologne 2010
  • Yoni-Massage advanced training at Anandawave Michaela Riedl, Cologne 2010
  • "BDSM & the Conscious Body" intensive week with Felix Ruckert in Berlin 2010
  • Work in Tantra Massage in Vienna, Lisbon and Cologne
  • Vaginal Lust, coach Lea at Ananda in Cologne (November 2012)
  • Professional advanced apprenticeship Yoni-Massage with Andrea Silwanus and Melanie Fritz (October 2013)
  • Tantra - the path of sacred union, Institut KAMA, Vienna (November 2014)

Marion speaks German and English.

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Couples Massage "Ritual for 3"
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Marions offering in Vienna:

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