"It is a great pleasure to hold a space in which people can experience themselves in all their nuanced richness and accept themselves fully, committing entirely to the present moment. This is when one's perception of oneself and of one's environment becomes sharpened and life gains depth, spiced up by marvelling experiences."

Kathrin creates a warm and light atmosphere, in which you feel totally welcome as you are. With great sensibility, she invites you to surrender and enjoy. Her filigree presence provides a quality of touch similar to the wind, which however reaches you deep inside. In her vibrant happiness, quietness and self-assurance, she inspires you to completely relax.

For her, giving tantric massages is a way to experience a sensual culture in her work and at the same time help other people to spread this culture in their lives. Having heard and dreamed three times of Tantric massages, she set herself on her way to a massage course. In Vietnam and Laos she received numerous massages, which not only contributed to her well-being, but also taught her important things about massage.

She likes going for a walk at the river banks in Cologne, between the Mülheimer harbour and the Rhine park.


  • Reiki I and II
  • Tantramassage course with Andro's disciple Sabine Hofmann in Berlin, 2001
  •  Yearly training on Holistic Massage with Andreas Brenk in Dresden, 2002/2003
  • Specialization in Yoni- and Pelvic massage with K.Ruby in Berlin 2004/2005
  • Specialization in Prostatamassage with Bettina Dornics in Berlin, 2005
  • Intensive course on Hawaian Massage with Violetta Gouren in Berlin 2007
  • Study of Ancient Cultures and long-term dedication to experiencing energetic sites.
  • "Rosetta Rope", training in Anal Massage and Bondage, Ananda, Cologne (2011)

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Kathrin speaks the following languages: german and english

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