“I say LOVE!!
… and I sow it on my planet!” (Mia)

Like a red thread this phrase is guiding through her life and through every single massage. Out of Evelyn's shining, open and friendly person speaks a deep belief in the lovable part in every human.
In the massage she encounters the guest in her own lovely way and creates an unforgettable journey that is close yet secure. Her touches are equal to the first warm rain in spring, that patters tenderly on our skin, and are of a dancing fairy-like spirit. At the same time she is using dynamic elements and many different techniques gained through her rich apprenticeship as a Wellness Therapist.
Evelyn is one of our youngest team-members. Her youthful and yet strongly feminine, joyful energy, enchants men and women alike.
She came to Tantra Massage from her deep wish to touch people deep in their hearts with her unconditional love.


  • Government approved medical cosmetician (2007-2010)
  • Registered Wellness Therapist – includes trainings in the techniques of the classical massage, Shiatsu, Aryuveda-massage, massage with singing bowls, Balinesic energy-massage, Pilates, Yoga, techniques of relaxation like Autogenous training and PMR (2009-2011)
  • Tantra Massage apprenticeship with Suriya and Saranam Ludvik Mann in the Diamond-Lotus-Institute, Berlin
  • Harmonisation for body, spirit and soul (“Quantenheilung”), advanced training with Monika Walbert and Thomas Lang (2011)
  • “Rosetta Rope”, advanced training in anal- and bondage-massage, Ananda, Cologne (2011)
  • from 2012 study Social Work, University of Applied Sciences Cologne
  • Vaginal pleasure, Coach Lea at Ananda in Cologne (November 2012)
  • AnandaWave Tantra Massage Basic Seminar, Michaela Riedl (November 2013)
  • Seminar light consciousness with Sarah Gress in Cologne (May 2013)
  • Variations in the input ritual - Game and intuition during the massage, Iris and Christine at Ananda in Cologne (November 2013)

Yoni-Massage / Lingam-Massage / Prostate Massage /
Couples Massage /Couples Massage "Ritual for 3" /
ANANDA Blind Date

Evelyn speaks the following languages: German and English

Evelyn has an interesting collection of guestbook entries. We update them on our German website only. Please have a look at the German Profile and use Google Translate.
You are very welcome to leave an entry in English at the ANANDA guestbook.