"Touch is a forgotten language - the language of love. Through touch alone, through our loving touch, our bodies are able to relax.... When you are loving, your entire body is used as an instrument playing to the tune of your inner harmony. This is enjoyable not only for others, but for yourself as well."                                                     - Osho -

"Step into the world of touch and I will reveal to you a room full of love, warmth, and comfort; a space given to you to travel to a whole new realm. In each tantric massage I let myself be inspired by YOU, your nature, your personality to create a more intuitive and mindful tantric massage ritual for you."
For many years, Andrea follows the path of holistic touch. Sensual and intuitive tantric massages invite men and women to connect with their sexual power and to surrender to the lightness of their own desires. Through her extended experience working with the body in a warm and open way, Andrea creates a trusted space of security and acceptance for her guests. Her wide spectrum of massage art invite you to a unique and sensual art of touch. As a student of Osho listening to his lectures, Andrea was introduced to tantric massage. After intensive work as a massage therapist, Andrea felt a strong interest in the teachings of tantric massage. After taking part in various tantric seminars, Andrea's path was taken to the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa where she participated in an intensive training program for tantric massage.


  • Beautician graduate, Saarbrücken College 1995
  • Pharmaceutical education as PTA
  • Basic training Shiatsu - and Advanced Course (SB thalamus, Ohashi Ffm, Mercurius SB) 2001/2003
  • Ayurvedic cosmetology training (Academy for Psyche & Soma, Bonn) 2002
  • Ayurvedic training psychotherapy (Dr. Gupta, Mahindra Institute Beer Stein) 2002
  • Training Ayurvedic Massage ( Chopra & Ale Hofstra Ffm) 2004
  • Lomi Lomi Nui Practioner (UTA Academy, Cologne) 2007, with several years of residency
  • Shakti flow and various Tantra Workshops (Institute of the Tantric vision, Kassel) 2008/2009
  • Trad. Thai Yoga Massage (ITM Chiang Mai, Thailand) 2009
  • Sensitivity massage (Erospirit, Bonn) 2009
  • Sahaja - Tantra Teacher Training (Sahaja & Durga Tantra School, Drakensberg South Africa) 2010
  • Tantra for couples (UTA Academy, Cologne) 2011
  • Sensual Surrender (Ruby May) 2011
  • Training Tulamassage (Louka Leppard, Berlin) 2011
  • Meditation retreat at the Espace Healing Center, Provence, 2012
  • Assistance with the Sahaja Tantra Teacher Training in La Palma (21 days) June 2012

Yoni-Massage / Lingam-Massage / Prostate Massage / Couples Massage /
Couples Massage "Ritual for 3" / Couples Massage Training: "ANANDA for Lovers" /
ANANDA Blind Date

Andrea speaks German and English

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